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    As part of the writing of our white paper, we asked our CEO, David Duccini, three questions about...
    In 2020, total urban emissions (including consumption) were estimated at 28.5 GtCO2 -eq, or...
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    Evaluation of the effectiveness of an urban CO2 monitoring network in the Paris region during COVID-19 lockdown

    Atmospheric measurement allows quantifying the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Paris during the COVID-19 pandemic containment, by ~47% during the first containment and ~20% during the second.

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    Greenhouse gas emissions in Île-de-France: assessment and evolution

    Assessment of greenhouse gas emissions and their evolution in Île-de-France.

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    Sensitivity to sources of uncertainty in modelling atmospheric CO2 concentration in and around Paris

    An in-depth study of the sources of error in the approach makes it possible to define the data analysis method and to validate the quality of the emission values characterised by the atmospheric measurement.

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    Characterisation of a low-cost, medium-accuracy commercial non-dispersive infrared sensor for atmospheric CO2 monitoring in urban area

    The technology of mid-cost atmospheric CO2 measuring stations opens the door to a wider deployment of CO2 measuring points in cities.

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    Evaluation of the WRF-UCM mesoscale model and ECMWF global operational forecasts over the Paris region

    Comparison of several types of CO2 transport models in the atmosphere in an urban environment leads to the choice of the atmospheric model called "WRF" in the technological chain.

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    One-year estimate of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels in the Paris region

    Study showing the contribution of atmospheric CO2 measurement to a quicker and more accurate knowledge of monthly CO2 emissions in the Paris region.

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    Aziende Contare Il Carbonio: il monitoraggio delle emissioni di CO2 è fondamentale per la lotta ai cambiamenti climatici delle città


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    Measuring co2 in real time: the solution to decarbonise the territories!

    CARBONEZERO La radio

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    Origins.earth the urgent need to measure carbon emissions in real time!

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    A Parigi le giuste misure per la CO2

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    Can data science make our brains greener?

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